Embrace the Unseen: Adventures That Stir the Soul

Situated within the heart of the

historic village Chiliyanaula , Seed at Queens Meadows offers more than just a luxurious retreat; it’s a gateway for you to experience authentic Kumaoni culture and community. Chiliyanaula, a name rich in heritage, reflects the town’s roots, derived from “Cheli” meaning daughter and “Naula” signifying a natural source of water or well in the local Kumaoni language. 

The village was a quaint settlement flanked by oak trees, boasting only a single inn and a  modest market until 1915. The inn was surrounded by abundant natural water sources, fostering the growth of the community. The locals enhanced these resources by constructing wells, affectionately named after the daughters of the village. This history of community and resourcefulness is woven into the fabric of Chiliyanaula, offering guests at Seed at Queens Meadows a truly immersive experience in the rich tapestry of Kumaoni culture.


Wilderness Exploration

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Wellbeing Activities


Experiencing Kumaon


Religious Quests

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