To get to Ranikhet, there are three modes of transportation available.

  • If you prefer air travel, the Pantnagar Airport is the nearest, about 120 km away from Ranikhet, making it an ideal option. Private cabs or taxis can be hired from the airport to reach your destination.

  • Alternatively, if you travel by train, the nearest rail-head is the Kathgodam Railway station, approximately 80 km from Ranikhet. There are regular bus and cab services available from Kathgodam to Ranikhet.

  • Finally, if you prefer to travel by road, you can take NH 24 from Delhi to Rampur via Moradabad, from where NH 87 leads to Kathgodam via Rudrapur and Haldwani. After reaching Kathgodam, you can take a state highway via Bhimtal, Bhowali, and Khairna to reach Ranikhet. The resort is just 77 km from Jim Corbett National Park, a drive of two and a half hours. Nainital is 55 km away, a two-hour drive.

Queens Meadows is a year-round destination with each season offering its own unique allure. To determine the best time to visit, consider what type of experience you want.

  • In spring (March and April), the end of the winter season is marked by the blooming of flowers and trees. Although the north-western Himalayas’ snowy views are still visible in March, they become less frequent by April. Daytime temperatures range from 18 to 22 degrees Celsius, with night-time temperatures between 5 and 8 degrees Celsius.

  • During the summer months (May and June), the temperature remains mild, with a maximum of around 30 degrees Celsius and a minimum of around 8 degrees Celsius. The cool breeze, green hillsides adorned with wildflowers, and the delicious taste of peaches, plums, and apricots are all enjoyable during this season. However, the Himalayan snow peaks may be more difficult to see.

  • In the monsoon season (July to September), the hills and mountains transform into a vibrant green paradise, with clouds descending into the valley. The overcast silver-grey skies and the vibrant green landscape make the wildflowers shine brightly. Fresh apples, pears, walnuts, and chestnuts can be handpicked during this season. If the clouds clear, you may even catch a glimpse of the Nanda Devi range, which can be clearer than in winter. Maximum temperatures remain around 20 to 22 degrees Celsius, while minimum temperatures are around 14 to 12 degrees Celsius.

  • As autumn (October and November) approaches, the fruiting trees begin to wither, and the green leaves turn amber. The cloudy veils lift from the Himalayas, revealing the majestic views of the snowy peaks. The maximum temperature remains under 20 degrees Celsius, and the minimum temperature drops to nearly 5 degrees Celsius.

  • In winter (December to February), fresh snow covers the mighty peaks, providing the best opportunity to witness the Nanda Devi range’s ultimate grandeur. While sipping hot tea in the winter sun, one can soak in the spectacular Himalayan views. On occasion, you may even witness a snowfall. The stellar diamond-studded night skies are also a once-in-a-lifetime delight. Daytime temperatures remain under 15 degrees Celsius, but at night, they may drop to single digits, occasionally touching zero.
  • It is recommended that guests bring appropriate winter clothing, including a wind cheater.

  • It is essential to have sunscreen with 30 SPF or higher, sunglasses, and sun hats due to the harsh mountain sun, which can cause sunburns, especially in winter.

  • During the monsoon season, raincoats and umbrellas are necessary.

  • Durable hiking boots and walking shoes are also essential, and it is advisable to carry an extra pair if visiting during the monsoons.

  • Additionally, guests should bring binoculars, books they have always wanted to read but never had the time for, and hobby gear such as paints, canvas, and a writing journal, as the atmosphere are very inspiring.

  • Finally, a good camera is a must-have to capture the true beauty of the picturesque landscapes in and around Queens Meadows.

All you need to do is complete the Booking Form, and we will get in touch with you through phone or email within 24 hours to process with your request. 

Upon prior request, we offer special transportation palkis, which are palanquins or sedan chairs, for individuals who are unable to make the 600-meter walk up to the resort.

We Care

At Queens Meadows, we recognise that it is also our responsibility to safeguard the Himalayan ecosystem. We take pride in being a naturally balanced resort that has seamlessly integrated with our surrounding ecology and host community. Our guests share our commitment to reducing our environmental impact, and we are proud to work together towards this shared goal.
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