Responsible Tourism



Queens Meadows was designed to integrate nature in its design elements and appreciate all that it has given us. From design to the construction stage, various measures were taken so that our Himalayas remain treasures for the future generations to cherish and admire. With care and sensitivity we have ensured that we don’t impact the ecology and the environment negatively. We firmly believe that Mother Nature offers everything for everyone’s need but nor for anyone’s greed.

An important strategy in strengthening the environmental profile of the Resort was to use wood and building material sourced from dilapidated British time barracks from the nearby army cantonment. These were bought in an auction and used to build the villas, admin block and tents. All construction material was transported using mules or on head loads by local workforce and not on diesel guzzling trucks. All excavation was done manually using hand tools. This ensured that no bull dozers and earth movers were ever brought into the property.

No trees were cut while constructing the Resort. This means that the architecture of the Resort is designed around originally existing landscape. No piece of land was cut or filled to accommodate the floor plans. Thus you will notice the odd shapes of the villas. We are moving towards complete usage of clean power & energy.

One of the most remarkable initiatives undertaken at Queens Meadows involves a partnership with local residents to involve them in the running of the Resort. Most of our team members do not have any formal training in hospitality, but have the passion to serve with excellence. We have retained many of our original construction workers and trained them in the art of hospitality.

We are proud to state that 20 families from the nearby villages are benefitting through working at the Resort. By providing them with full time employment which is not dependent on seasonal farming, we are generating greater economic benefits for the local people and enhancing the well-being of our host community.