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With hotel properties and resorts mushrooming across Ranikhet, not many people gave thought to preserving the real Himalayan experience and sharing it with those who care to travel and see behind the veil of make believe. Sanjay Sarin and Rakesh Arora, friends and comrades, thought of doing this and bringing an experiential holiday to the discerning traveller. When at Queens Meadows, you choose ease, harmony with nature and wellbeing over the hectic pace of today’s lifestyle.

They believe in believe in Responsible tourism in the mountains . To them the location was ideal – an area away from the sounds and sights of urban chaos and closer to the captivating quietude of the majestic Himalayas. It is the  Best Eco luxury resort in the mountains Himalayas. Together they dream of creating an experience that was not quite the regular resort hotel.  The 10 acre expanse on which we just have 15 residential units, exudes exclusivity, privacy and the experience of a typical village resort in Kumaon with  Stunning Himalayan views  .

The Brand



%Ranikhet Resorts The Brand

The Duo chose the name Queens Meadows as it simplistically translated to Rani Khet. The logo mark is an artistic representation of a blossoming Brahma Kamal. It is said that one is deemed very lucky if he/she sees a Brahma Kamal in bloom. Brahma Kamal is the state flower of Uttarakhand. It is one of the most famous flowers seen in the Himalayas and considered to be very sacred.

Legend goes that in Ramayana when the Sanjeevani herb was administered to Lakshman and he miraculously revived, the Gods above showered flowers in celebration. These flowers fell to the earth and took roots in Valley of Flowers. These flowers thus came to be called Brahma Kamal, The God’s Own Lotus.

The Making of Queens Meadows



Sanjay & Rakesh wished for Queens Meadows to be a destination known for its true Kumaon experience and sensitivity toward the fragile mountain ecosystem. Because they understood the delicate balance of nature, they spearheaded the architecture design of Queens Meadows in consultation with Sandeep and Ashwani, prominent architects from Plural Design Consultants. A special mention to Surendra Singh Phartiyal , a civil engineer and a native of Kumaon, who worked relentlessly to shape up the vision of Queens Meadows.

The architecture of the Resort was designed around originally existing landscape and no piece of land was cut or filled to accommodate the floor plans neither were any trees chopped down. As a result all villas turned out to be uniquely shaped, one different from the other.

Reclaimed wood and stone was used to build Queens Meadows, not concrete. All this construction material, came from old dilapidated British Era barracks.Every single piece of material was transported to the property on mules and head loads by the local workforce.This meant a perfect eco-design and very low carbon footprint. All excavation and digging was done manually using hand tools. No bull dozers and earth movers were ever brought into the property.

As Queens Meadows was opened to Guests, the Resort ushered in a movement to preserve the ecology, local heritage, culture, flora and fauna of the Himalayas. As Sanjay always says, “Mountains are our legacy which we must conserve for our future generations”.